Smartwatches have many features and benefits, fitness tracking being one of them. Lifestyle features such as pedometer and daily pedometer are available on the smartwatch. It has a heart rate monitor to monitor your heart rate during exercise. The smartwatch is equipped with a sleep monitor, as well as a blood pressure monitor and an ECG monitor to monitor the user's health. The best smartwatch for health tracking is the Fitbit Inspire Health and Fitness Band.


You're late for a meeting, or you're frustrated because you can't find your car keys. Find your phone quickly with the Find My Phone feature on your smartwatch. As soon as you start the “find my phone” process on your smartwatch, your phone will start ringing loudly.

Attach the key finder to your keys and use the key finder app on your smart watch to find your keys anywhere. And this is definitely one of the best smartwatch features.



Playing music on a smartwatch is possible regardless of whether you have a phone or not. Smartwatches can be used to play music, tapping into the phone's music library. Smartwatches now feature the ability to play music directly without requiring a smartphone connection.


Carrying your phone around can be a little awkward. Driving or cycling with the phone in hand distracts the driver's attention. In many places this is illegal. All the information you need is right there on your wrist. No distractions.



When you connect your smartwatch to your phone, you can make and receive calls from your watch. Moreover, users can use the smartwatch without a phone. On some models, the smartwatch can receive/make calls via the built-in SIM card. Also Read: Best of Budget Smartwatches for 2021



Watches with smart notifications allow users to see mobile phone notifications directly on their wrist. Your smartwatch can receive social media, app, and message notifications when connected to your smartphone. This feature keeps users up to date.



Smartwatches can detect falls using a fall sensor. A drop sensor automatically alerts the user when it detects a fall. If the wearer does not respond to the smartwatch's alarm for a short period of time, the watch will automatically make an emergency call. This feature is especially useful for older people who are prone to falls. The
smartwatch does more than just call and text notifications. In some cases, it can act as a phone even when the smartphone is not nearby. A smartwatch is essentially an easily accessible extension of your smartphone. Permanently attached to your wrist, it's easy to stay connected and access different apps on the go. The benefits of smartwatches are endless, so choosing among many smartwatches can be very difficult.


Some of our top picks from the best smartwatch 2022 list can be found below.

  • Timex Fit 2.0 Smartwatch
  • Fitbit Inspire Health and Fitness Band
  • Fire-Boltt Beast SPO2
  • Realme Smartwatch 2 Pro
  • Oppo Smart Band Style