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Bamboo U-26-vio-bk Ukulele

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Bamboo U-26-vio-bk Ukulele
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The Tenor Ukulele measures 26" (66cm), being larger than the Concert (23") and Soprano (21") models. Its sound is lower and it is tuned in SOL, DO, MI, LA. As it has a greater amplitude in the area of ​​the fingerboard, it is usually recommended for people who have knowledge of guitar, because it is more comfortable when playing.

General Specifications


Top:                                      Linden
B&S:                                     Linden
Fingerboard:                        Walnut
Nut:                                      Ox bone
Saddle:                                  Ox bone
Strings:                                 Aquila
Tuning:                                   Open
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