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HSC15 HEADSET w/2x 3.5mm Stereo Jack

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HSC15w/2x 3.5mm Jack
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The HSC15 high level conference headset is AKG’s latest headset in the field of conferencing. Sophisticated design pairs with high quality audio and advanced security technology. Optimal adjustment to any head size and lightweight design allow hours of use, while forgetting the presence of the headset. After the conference wiping with a simple hygienic tissue will prepare the unit for the next user, without the need to exchange expensive foam cushions.

General Specifications


Headphone type                                     open
Max. Input Power                                   200 mW
Audio frequency bandwidth                20 to 20000 Hz
Sensitivity headphones                        113dB +/-3 dB SPL/V
Rated Impedance                                  32 Ohms
Cable Length                                          1.5 m
Weight                                                     0.8 kg


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