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IK Multimedia iLoud MTM High Resolution Compact Studio Monitor - Single (black)

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iLoud MTM (black)
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IK Multimedia iLoud MTM High Resolution Compact Studio Monitor - Single Overview:


High-resolution compact studio monitor


Your music as you’ve never heard before
IK’s iLoud Micro Monitors stunned an industry. Producers and engineers at every level marveled at the performance coming from such a small setup, so IK challenged our team to push its concept even further - to design a new compact speaker to rival 5”, 6” and even 8” monitors.

The result is iLoud MTM, and it changes everything about the sound, accuracy and convenience of reference monitors in today’s modern studio.

Once you hear iLoud MTM, you’ll find it hard to ever go back to traditional big-box speakers.


iLoud MTM offers:


. Ultra-flat frequency response
. Phase-coherent sound
. Extended, controlled low end
. Superior sound at short distances
. Perfect for desks and small spaces
. ARC self-calibration adjusts to any room
. DSP-controlled for superior performance
. 100W RMS total power per speaker
. 40 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response
. 0° - 20° tilting stand for ideal positioning

iLoud MTM offers built-in acoustic self-calibration via the included ARC™ reference microphone, to automatically adjust the frequency response to its placement. Just set up the monitors, put the microphone in your preferred listening position, press a button and you’ll instantly have a custom calibration for the sweet spot of your listening environment.

Plus of course you can adjust low-frequency extension and trim the LF and HF response to your taste.

With iLoud MTM, you can be confident your monitoring is optimized for your room’s acoustics, so your mixes will translate better.


Adjust your angle in any situation


It’s often overlooked – your studio monitors’ tweeters need to point at your ears. This is even more critical in modern studios where more and more musicians are using them at very close distances, like on a desktop beside their laptop or computer screen.

iLoud MTM includes a tilting mount that not only helps isolate it, but also angles from 0° to 20° for correct positioning in a wide range of setups. That’s higher than most other “tilting” monitors, that too often can’t actually reach the needed angle for a desktop or other close-listening setup.



iLoud MTM also includes a rubber base for horizontal placement, and a bottom thread to mount conveniently on mic stands, for more installation options.

Combined with their symmetrical design and phase-coherent response, iLoud MTM allows for ultra-focused and accurate monitoring anywhere.




. MTM design for accurate sound focus and superior sound dispersion
3.5” high performance woofers + 1” back-chamber loaded tweeter
100W 2-way bi-amped speaker with class D amplifiers
103dB max SPL @1 m
. 40 Hz - 24 kHz frequency response
. Coherent phase response within +/- 15° from 200 Hz to 24 kHz
¼” / XLR Combo input, -10dBv or +4dBu selectable sensitivity
. EQ controls: LF extension, LF boost/cut, HF boost/cut
. Automatic environment calibration with included ARC™ measurement microphone
. Compact dimensions for easy positioning even in the smallest place
. Multiple positioning with included 20° tiltable isolation base, horizontal base, and built-in mic stand thread



. Type: 2-Way/3-speakers bi-amped, digitally controlled studio monitor
. LF Drivers: 3.5” polypropylene custom made mid-woofers
. HF Driver: 1” low distortion, back chambered silk dome tweeter
. Acoustic Design: DSP tuned bass reflex
. Amplifiers type: High efficiency Class-D
. Total power: 100W RMS


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